TactUnit baton w/flashlight

TactUnit baton w/flashlight


Maximum stopping power with anti-grab shocking and LED lightMaximum stopping power with anti-grab shocking and LED light.

Tactical distance defense is here in the Guard Dog TactUnit baton stun gun. With maximum voltage stopping power, this baton stun gun provides an anti-grab design, shocking your assailant from the body in the event of an attempted grab. Start with blinding idenficiation with 200 lumens of concentrated tactical lighting and ensure you’re empowered with volt-thrashing defense in the event of use. Designed for added user security, the TactUnit baton disarms with the removal of the safety strap, also ideal for in-home security to prevent accidental or unintended discharge. Optimal, tactical defense in secure distance, designed for military and professional operation, available to consumers in the Guard Dog Security TactUnit baton stun gun.

Intimidating stun. Extreme high voltage stun gun with blistering loud noise
Anti-grab stun fires Anti-grab stun fires on side of baton, providing added coverage and preventing grabbing from an assailant
200 lumen flashlight
Disable strap Disable strap disarms the stun gun when removed, preventing use by an assailant if stolen
Easy and firm grip
Rechargeable battery
Shockproof design


Lifetime Warranty

100% Satisfaction Policy

Concealed Stun Technology™

Protected For Life


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