Extant Defense 300 AAC BLK 220gr TMJ Sub Sonic Target Ammunition

Extant Defense 300 AAC BLK 220gr TMJ Sub Sonic Target Ammunition



Extant Defense Corp knows that most of the fun of shooting and utility of 300 AAC BLK comes from its performance when shot using a suppressor. The elegance of the 300 AAC BLK’s reduced column of powder and 30 caliber bullet really shines in Extant Defense’s subsonic heavyweight 300 AAC BLK offering. EDC loads this ammunition using a 220 grain bullet with a total metal jacket and loads it to 950 feet per second. The 220 grain bullet is toward the long and heavier range of bullets in the .30 caliber range. The weight of the bullet is what allows this bullet to still have high energy on target at lower velocities. However, to shoot this ammunition at its full accuracy potential since it is such a long and heavy bullet a fast twist barrel such as 1-7” would be recommended.

Since this ammunition’s velocity is below the speed of sound there is no supersonic “crack” as the bullet leaves the barrel and breaks the sound barrier allowing for a very quiet report when shooting suppressed. The base of the total metal jacket bullet also keeps the lead core at the base of the bullet encased in copper reducing amounts of lead from being deposited into the air and make this a bullet acceptable for use at indoor ranges which often require TMJ ammunition. As with all Extant Defense Corp’s 300 AAC BLK ammunition it is loaded used 5.56 Lake City brass which has been converted to 300 AAC BLK and hand inspected ensuring a safe, and reliable subsonic ammunition choice. Extant Defense offers their 300 AAC BLK 220gr TMJ in a variety of quantities.


Caliber 300 AAC Blackout
Bullet Weight 220 grain
Velocity 950 FPS
Bullet Style Total Metal Jacket
Condition Remanufactured
Quality Case Gauged & Hand inspected

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