Extant Defense 223 REM 68gr BTHP

Extant Defense 223 REM 68gr BTHP



Extant Defense Corporation’s .223 Remington 68 gr BTHP remanufactured rifle ammunition is EDC’s middle weight .223 Remington rifle offerings and definitely punches above its weight class. Extant Defense uses a 68 grain boat-tail hollow point to create an extremely versatile .223 Remington ammunition. The 68 grain BTHP bullet is able to be utilized among most standard factory bolt action and semi-automatic firearms such as AR-15’s where faster rifle twists are generally found in the 1-7” to 1-9” range. The 68 grain BTHP also allows for better expansion on impact than a full metal jacket bullet, enhances accuracy, and since it is easier on steel targets is often allowed at ranges where full metal jacketed ammunition may be banned.

Extant Defense’s long, sleek, and slippery 68 grain BHTP bullet also enjoys a ballistic coefficient of .355 and is loaded to hit an average velocity of 2800 fps. This enhances bullet flight offering more distance, retained velocity, and more resistance to the effects of wind on the bullet when plinking at longer ranges. Extant Defense loads their .223 Remington 68 BTHP bullet in remanufactured brass that has been hand inspected to make sure that your firearms is fed with safe, reliable, yet economical ammunition that just straight performs. Extant Defense Corp offers their .223 REM 68 gr BTHP Remanufactured rifle ammunition in several different quantities to fulfill your shooting addiction!


Caliber 223 Remington
Bullet Weight 68 grain
Velocity 2800 FPS
Ballistic Coefficient 0.355
Bullet Style Boat Tail Hollow Point
Condition Remanufactured
Quality Hand inspected

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